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April 2015 - airberlin magazin - Vielfältiges Curaçao

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Lesen Sie in der aktuellen Ausgabe des airberlin magazins mehr über die Facettenvielfalt Curaçaos, über außergewöhnliche Wanderrouten auf den Kanarischen Inseln und entdecken Sie mit uns Kroatiens Weltkulturerbe, Dubrovnik.

16 Dubrovnik

16 Dubrovnik airberlin magazin 4 / 2015 Tief verehrt: eine Reliquie des Kreuzes Christi in der Schatzkammer der Kathedrale Dubrovniks. Venerated: a relic of the cross of Christ among the treasures at Dubrovnik Cathedral. poljana) in front of the Cathedral. The bright colours and delicious aromas can’t fail to stimulate the appetite. I settle down for a glass of red Dinga ćand portion of pršut (dry-cured ham) in a recently opened café, La Bodega. There’s a wonderful view over Luža Square from the fourth floor. Here, in the former power hub of this trading city outside the Sponza Palace, tourists barter for arts and crafts under the stern gaze of Orlando in his column: delicate lace offerings from the Croatian island of Pag are perennially popular. The Rector’s Palace at the southern end of the old town’s main thoroughfare, the Stradun, features a mix of styles. Originally a Gothic edifice, it also boasts a Baroque staircase leading back in time to the Cultural History Museum, whose costumes, paintings and furniture show what daily life was like in Ragusa. And at the northern end of the Stradun, history buffs can also visit Europe’s third oldest pharmacy inside the Franciscan Monastery – it has been open since 1317. Emerging back onto the Stradun from the cool of the monastery, you notice how the paving stones gleam golden in the setting sun, polished by millions of footsteps over the centuries. In the eerily bright moonlit nights, the street takes on a silver hue, and when clouds cast their shadows over the paving stones, they resemble the waves that once separated the fishing village of Ragusa from the ancient Slavic colony. The Stradun was in fact the channel dividing the two settlements: it was filled in when they made their peace in the 12th century. In 1026 a galley rowed by Muslim slaves is said to have anchored next to the Sorgo Palace. St. Lawrence Fortress looks like the stern of a medieval caravel washed up on a rock. The walls are twelve metres thick in places, and access is provided only via a small door. Ragusa’s defences were virtually impregnable. The fort stands proudly above the water as though the stone were joining forces with the steep rock face to repel the enemy. The inscription above the entrance reads: “Freedom is not to be sold for all the treasures in the world.” This is a very good place from which to view the old town of Dubrovnik, which appears to hover between sea and sky on its rugged cliff. It’s possible to ascend even higher via the cable car on Ragusa’s very own Srd Hill, which only resumed operation in 2010, following the removal of all the mines from the recent conflict. Vine-covered alleyways lead steeply upwards underneath the cable car, and the scent of lemons emanates from secluded gardens. It would be wonderful to find accommodation here. The panorama from the top extends over Dubrovnik/Ragusa far into the distance: to where the blue of the mountains appears to merge into the blue of the sea. Details at: • K R O A T I E N B O S N I E N - H E R Z E G O W I N A Split Dubrovnik Tivat MONTE NEGRO A d r i a t i s c h e s M e e r I T A L I E N airberlin verbindet viele deutsche und europäische Städte über Nürnberg mit Dubrovnik. Mehr Infos unter airberlin operates flights from many German and European cities to Dubrovnik via Nuremberg. For details, please visit Bari Brindisi

airberlin magazin 4 / 2015 17 JUST JEWELS DIE RÜSCHENBECK KOLLEKTION

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