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April 2015 - airberlin magazin - Vielfältiges Curaçao

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Lesen Sie in der aktuellen Ausgabe des airberlin magazins mehr über die Facettenvielfalt Curaçaos, über außergewöhnliche Wanderrouten auf den Kanarischen Inseln und entdecken Sie mit uns Kroatiens Weltkulturerbe, Dubrovnik.

36 Portrait

36 Portrait airberlin magazin 4 / 2015 tuat’s schon lang” (showing in German cinemas as of 23 April), his new CD “Federn” (released on 8 May) and his forthcoming tour beginning on 12 May. There’s an anecdote doing the rounds that tells you a lot about Hubert von Goisern. Approaching a toll station one day, he is asked by a surprised toll officer: “You’re von Goisern, aren’t you?” “Yes, I am.” “What a shame you’re not performing any more.” That was in 2011, soon after von Goisern had achieved his first No. 1 hit in Austria with “Brenna tuat’s guat”, which was a huge success in Germany too. And yet he was supposed to have retired. The artist that is Hubert von Goisern certainly doesn’t operate according to the normal standards of the music industry, about which he says: “A lot of it functions well and is still dreadful. But I don’t just want to function.” That was never an aim for Hubert Achleitner, as his stage name alone demonstrates. He calls himself von Goisern after his Austrian home town of Bad Goisern: as he states in the film, it’s an act of revenge for never having felt accepted there. As the son of newcomers to the town, he was soon so sick of his life as a second-class citizen that he quit the local brass band (where he played the trumpet) before quitting Austria to spend a great deal of time in South Africa, Canada and the Philippines between 1972 and 1983. He subsequently returned both to Austria and to his music, which he reinterpreted as “Alpenrock” (“Alpine rock”) in his own inimitable fashion. His breakthrough came in 1992 when his band the Alpinkatzen had a hit with the single “Koa Hiatamadl” and the album “Aufgeigen stått niederschiassen”. Just five years later he left again, this time to visit Africa and, above all, Tibet: “I was so fascinated on the one hand and so powerless and furious on the other – about the political situation and the fact that you couldn’t really speak your mind. My emotions were stirred at so many different levels, and I was near to tears almost the whole time.” After a pause he adds: “I love the mountains too, of course. And there’s no getting away from them there.” Von Goisern treats us to another broad smile. “For me, the Creation is a miracle,” says von Goisern in both the film and in our interview, where the 62-yearold enlarges on his theme: “I don’t believe in a personal God, as I have problems with His portrayal as a father figure. But equally I don’t believe that there is nothing apart from us humans here on Earth. There’s definitely something up there above us.” The concept of nature as God’s Creation, the silence and the language of nature feature prominently in von Goisern’s life and music. We Gibt auf der Bühne immer alles: Hubert von Goisern mit seinem ihm eigenen Musikstil. Gives his all on stage: Hubert von Goisern with his very own brand of music. chat about all this and related matters – in much too much detail for this article. Two themes constantly recur, however: “Whether it’s a quiet mountain lake or a vast ocean or rapids that rush along before finding sudden areas of calm, just as in real life, water plays a very important role for me. I believe, as Heraclitus said, that you cannot step twice in the same river. I wouldn’t want to anyhow. I’d rather head for the springs. I want clarity and simplicity in my life and in my music, and the water is clear and pure at the source. Of course it’s always an approximation, but if you like you could say that all the music I make is a quest to find something akin to a primeval melody. And at the same time, as on my ship tour (editor’s note: the Linz Europe Tour from 2007 to 2009, where he navigated through Europe on various rivers, playing alongside musicians from the countries he visited), I also want to head for the river delta. I want to see what has become of the original spring and how the water has expanded.” Or, to use another key word in von Goisern’s vocabulary: how wasteful the spring has been. “Life is wasteful.” What on earth does he mean? Isn’t that a negative thing to say? “Not at all. When you waste something belonging to somebody else, then yes. When you waste the resources of nature, then yes. But when you waste something that you have been given, it’s a very positive thing. That way you are sharing an aspect of yourself with others: you can help them to shift their perspective and see things through new eyes. That’s what I mean when I say that my music is wasteful. It wouldn’t be right if I could still run 10,000 metres after a concert: it would mean that I hadn’t given my all, that I hadn’t invested all my energies in it. I wouldn’t have been wasteful in a positive sense. But what I try to achieve in my life is positive wastefulness.” For details of the film, CD and tour, please visit • Photos: picture alliance/Herbert Pfarrhofer/APA, Movienet Film GmbH

Berlin extra 37 airberlin magazin 4 / 2015 37 Generationendrama Der Broadway-Hit „Eine Familie“ ist vom 14. April bis 3. Mai in der Komödie am Kurfürstendamm zu sehen. Annette Frier, Ursula Karusseit, Frederike Kampter und Felix von Manteuffel lassen eine Familienzusammenkunft zum Fest der Selbstzerstörung werden. Der unterhaltsamste Scherbenhaufen der jüngeren Theatergeschichte. Mehr Infos: Photos: Marco Funke, Games Week Berlin/Jens Keiner, Katarina Ivanisevic Spiele für alle Vom 21. bis 26. April dreht sich bei der „International Games Week Berlin“ alles um Computerspiele. Hier kommen nicht nur Fachbesucher, sondern auch Spielbegeisterte auf ihre Kosten. Die Verleihung des Deutschen Computerspielpreises, das Independent Video Games Festival „A MAZE.“ oder die Apps World Germany runden das Programm ab. Mehr Infos: Games for everyone Video games are the order of the day at International Games Week Berlin from 21 to 26 April. Both industry insiders and games-obsessed members of the public will have plenty of fun at this event, which also features the presentation of the German Video Game Awards, the Independent Video Games Festival A MAZE. and the Apps World Germany trade fair. Details at: Kunstmarkt Berlin Ein Highlight in der Kunstmarktszene für zeitgenössische Kunst ist vom 1. bis 3. Mai beim „Gallery Weekend Berlin“ geboten. Renommierte Galerien öffnen ihre Türen und laden nationale und internationale Sammler, Kuratoren und Kunstinteressierte zu einem inspirierenden Rundgang durch ihre Räumlichkeiten ein. Mehr Infos: Generational drama “Eine Familie”, the German version of the Broadway hit “August: Osage County”, is being staged at the Komödie am Kurfürstendamm theatre from 14 April to 3 May. Annette Frier, Ursula Karusseit, Frederike Kampter and Felix von Manteuffel star in this darkly comedic play about a family gathering where everything goes wrong. Details at: Art and culture in Berlin Gallery Weekend Berlin from 1 to 3 May is a highlight in Berlin’s contemporary art calendar. Prestigious galleries open their doors to national and international art collectors, curators and art lovers, who are invited to take an inspirational tour of their premises. Details at:

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