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April 2015 - airberlin magazin - Vielfältiges Curaçao

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Lesen Sie in der aktuellen Ausgabe des airberlin magazins mehr über die Facettenvielfalt Curaçaos, über außergewöhnliche Wanderrouten auf den Kanarischen Inseln und entdecken Sie mit uns Kroatiens Weltkulturerbe, Dubrovnik.

40 Berlin extra

40 Berlin extra airberlin magazin 4 / 2015 Nicht auf die Einrichtung, sondern auf die Küche kommt es an. Das „Filetstück“ glänzt nicht durch üppige Möblierung, sondern durch die Qualität der Speisen. Und vor allem durch die Freundlichkeit des Personals. The quality of the dishes takes precedence over the quality of the décor. The furniture isn’t overly luxurious, but the food certainly is. And the staff are extremely friendly to boot. Gourmet cut Just occasionally, a copy can be better than the original. And that’s the case with the “Filetstück”. The success that has so far eluded the owner of the original eatery on Schönhauser Allee has been achieved with the copy on Uhlandstrasse in Wilmersdorf, which has been lauded by diners and restaurant critics alike. So it’s hardly surprising that he refers to this new “Filetstück” (“prime cut”) as the “Gourmetstück” (“gourmet cut”). he new eatery may not yet have a star, but it has had a favourable mention in the Michelin Guide and been awarded 14 points by Gault Millau. It boasts top class prices and first class service – a successful combination just off Kurfüstendamm, where both residents and employees are not short of cash. So the clientèle is a world away from that of Prenzlauer Berg, where the tourists congregate. Chef Sascha Ludwig can thus afford to experiment a little. For instance, my seven-course “Gourmetstück” menu didn’t contain a single prime cut. Those can be found on the next page of the menu: fillet steaks from maximum 24-month-old Pezzata Rossa cattle bred in North Rhine-Westphalia (150 g = €32, 250 g = €49), and those from salt marshgrazed Irish cattle, whose meat is matured on the bone for three to four weeks (200 g = €39, 300 g = €55). There are also entrecôtes from delicately fat-marbled Friesian (300 g = €42, 400 g = €49) and from Pomeranian cattle (250 g = €35, 400 g = €55). I was very happy with the Irish steak I was served during a second (lunchtime) visit, although it was irritating to be charged an extra €3 for the herb butter and €5 for the rosemary-flavoured potatoes. I had come because I had seen a fillet steak lunch offered for €17.50 online. But on the day I turned up – the lunch offering changes daily – a veal stew with mashed potatoes, celery, olives and a salad was the €17.50 dish. The diners at the table next to mine evidently enjoyed it. The special offers on the following days were braised leg of veal and entrecôte. There’s also a €10 “shopping lunch” comprising veal truffle sausage with a glass of champagne. That certainly sets the tone for this establishment! A restaurant called “Filetstück” may be expected to specialise in meat dishes. And that makes the composition of the “Gourmetstück” menu all the more unusual: salmon from the Faroe Islands with king crab; Savoy cabbage with truffles, hummus and herbed oyster mushrooms; gurnard with corn, marjoram and sweet potato; braised tail of veal with foie gras; leg and belly of young boar with black salsify; White Cheddar with sea buckthorn and twist bread; and finally French toast à la Filetstück with Nutella, apricots and maple syrup. Four courses cost €69, while all seven are available for €99. The accompanying wines are excellent: these range from a Green Veltliner from Wachau via a White Burgundy from Rheinhessen, a South African Chardonnay and a Sicilian Nero d’Avola all the way to a Cuvée Prestige from Bordeaux. Prices are by the glass: four glasses cost €32, while seven glasses are available for €52. That’s decent value for money. If you still want a steak after all that, you can buy some at the counter next door, paying between €4.40 and €8.40 per 100 grammes for the privilege. • Photos: Restaurant Filetstück/Ricarda Spiegel/Urban Ruths

airberlin magazin 4 / 2015 41 EINE NEUE KULTUR DES WOHNENS EIGENTUMSWOHNUNGEN IN ALT- UND NEUBAU / Geisberg Berlin ist ein Ort kultivierten Wohnens für anspruchs - volle Städter. Wunderschön gelegen im charmanten Bayerischen Viertel, in unmittelbarer Nähe zu KaDeWe und Kurfürstendamm. • 2- bis 5-Zimmer-Wohnungen von 60 m 2 bis 200 m 2 • Vielfältige Wohnungstypen: Maisonette, Dachge schosse, Altbau und moderner Neubau • Conciergeservice • Denkmalabschreibung möglich • Vorzertifikat für Nachhaltiges Bauen in Silber von der deutschen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB) Wir freuen uns über einen Besichtigungstermin mit Ihnen in unserem Showroom im Geisberg. T 030 283 999.60 F 030 283 999.66 Showroom: Geisbergstraße 6 – 9 10777 Berlin

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