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August 2015 airberlin magazin - Elyas M’Barek

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Erfahren Sie in der August-Ausgabe mehr über Filmstar Elyas M'Barek. Reisetipps erhalten Sie für Münchens Süden, Prag, Piemont und die besten Open Air Locations in Berlin.

20 Piemont Piedmont

20 Piemont Piedmont airberlin magazin 8 / 2015 Mit Liebe gekocht, mit Verstand gegessen: Die Slow-Food- Bewegung stammt aus dem Piemont, genauer gesagt aus dem Städtchen Bra. Cooked with love and eaten with intelligence: the Slow Food movement originated in the small Piedmontese town of Bra. who have been responsible for the global success of the Barolo brand over recent decades, Ernesto hails from one of the region’s oldest families. He calls his produce “il re dei vini, il vino dei re” (“the king of wines, the wine of kings”). Although this description was allegedly coined by Louis XIV with reference to the wines of Tokaj, a visit to Ernesto’s estate, one of the “antiche cantine di Barolo”, certainly bears out the truth of his claim. And the proof of the pudding comes with the wine tasting at the end. Ernesto places a bottle reverently on the table and disappears briefly, while his wife whispers: “This doesn’t happen often. You’re about to experience something really special.” Then Ernesto returns bearing an intricately fashioned decanter, opens the bottle and beams: “A wine from the year of my birth.” He turns 60 next year. It takes less than twenty minutes by car to reach Alba from Barolo and Ernesto’s “cantina”, and another thirty minutes to get from Alba to Asti. So visitors can easily taste both the king of red wines and the king of sparkling wines in a single day, with a brief intermezzo in Alba, a town of 30,000 inhabitants which is renowned for its “tuber magnatum pico”, or white truffle. Bra is situated nearby for good measure: this little town, which embodies the culinary pleasure on offer in Piedmont, has gone down in the history books as the place where the Slow Food movement originated. A branch of McDonalds opened on Rome’s airberlin verbindet deutsche und internationale Flughäfen mehrmals täglich mit Mailand. Alle Details unter airberlin operates several flights a day to Milan from German and international airports. For details, please visit Piazza Navona in 1986, outraging Bra-born Carlo Petrini to such an extent that he formed a movement to counter the fast food trend three years later. Slow food is now appreciated the world over. Not only are visitors to Bra and the surrounding villages treated to delicious cheeses and other culinary specialities, but they can also admire the unique “Universitàdi Scienze Gastronomiche”, a university dedicated to the Slow Food movement and Carlo Petrini’s motto, which could also be applied to the region of Piedmont in its entirety: “buono, pulito e giusto” – “good, clean and fair”. As Ernesto Abbona puts it: “From the soil to the weather, everything has to be just right in order to produce exceptional quality. Everything is just right here. We’re living in a little piece of paradise.” • S C H W E I Z Turin Bra Mailand I T A L I E N Alba Barolo Asti Photos: Massimo, Klaus Springer

airberlin magazin 8 / 2015 Anzeige 21 OUTLETCITY METZINGEN WWW.OUTLETCITY.COM EXKLUSIVES OUTLET SHOPPING Die OUTLETCITY METZINGEN bietet über 70 Premium- und Luxusmarken Es erwartet Sie ein unbeschreibliches Date mit den Stars der Modeszene. Von A wie 'Armani' über P wie 'Prada' oder 'Polo Ralph Lauren' bis Z wie 'Zegna' reicht die glamouröse Starbesetzung, zu der sich auch die Luxus-Labels 'Gucci' und 'Porsche Design' hinzugesellt haben. Die Preise sind ganzjährig 30% bis 70% reduziert (gegenüber der UVP). Zudem hat Metzingen noch weitaus mehr zu bieten. Die wirtschaftsstarke Region macht die kleine Stadt, 30 Minuten südlich von Stuttgart, zu einem international beliebten Reiseziel. Melden Sie sich unter an und werden Sie Teil der Outletcity Community. Sichern Sie sich exklusive Preisvorteile und persönliche Einladungen zu verschiedenen Events. Hacket Die perfekte Begleitung Bally Schmuckstück Bally Goldrichtig Jimmy Choo Der Bling- Effekt … Kleine Geschenke erhalten die Freundschaft ...little gifts make your friends happy… Jimmy Choo Star des Tanzparketts Porsche Design Edel verbunden Bally Der Klassiker 10% SHOPPING SPECIAL Mit dem Kennwort 'airberlin' erhalten Sie an der Tourist Information Metzingen Ihren Shopping Pass. Bei teilnehmenden Marken erhalten Sie zusätzlich einen Vorteil von 10% auf den Outletpreis. Gültig bis 31.12.2015 (ausgenommen Sale-Phasen). With the code word 'airberlin' you will receive a Shopping Pass in the tourist information of Metzingen. Benefit from an exclusive additional discount of 10% on the outlet price at participating stores. Valid until 31.12.2015 (sales periods excluded). Discover more than 70 premium and luxury brands at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN Enjoy an incredible rendezvous with the stars of the fashion scene. The glamorous cast from A like 'Armani' to P like 'Prada' or 'Polo Ralph Lauren' to Z like 'Zegna' has recently been joined by the luxury brands 'Gucci' and 'Porsche Design'. Prices are reduced by 30% to 70% (off the RRP) throughout the whole year. But Metzingen has even more to offer: Thanks to the economically strong region, the small town 30 minutes from Stuttgart is an internationally popular destination. Subscribe on and become part of the OUTLETCITY community. Enjoy exclusive savings and personal invitations to various events.

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