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Juli 2015 - airberlin magazin - Roy Peter Link

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34 Portrait

34 Portrait airberlin magazin 7 / 2015 Beim Fernsehpublikum beliebt: die ARD-Serie „In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte“. Roy Peter Link spielt hier den Oberarzt Dr. Niklas Ahrend. Popular with the viewing public: the ARD series “In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte”. Roy Peter Link plays the role of consultant Dr. Niklas Ahrend. Nevertheless he was seized by the idea of becoming an actor: “I was attracted to the profession like metal to a magnet. I sometimes ask myself how it all worked out!” Roy Peter Link’s biography certainly makes somewhat unlikely reading. After gaining his school-leaving qualifications and acceding to his mother’s request to train as a painter and decorator, he initially claimed to have landed a presenting job at MTV in order to avoid national service. “I had a light-bulb moment when I saw TV studios in Cologne listed in the credits of an RTL show,” recalls the 33-year-old. He relocated to Cologne without further ado and set out to sell his talents to the TV bosses. “It was quite incredible that the doorman let me in at all. I told the powers that be that I wanted to be an actor. They immediately requested a copy of my CV and asked for the name of my agent.” Of course the youngster had neither – he didn’t even have a place to stay. “I had to sleep in my old Citroën for a while.” Roy Peter Link had no problem knocking on doors. But his efforts only led to something tangible in Munich, his next port of call, where he made new contacts thanks to a job looking after the guests on the “Arabella” chat show. Eventually he received the longawaited invitation to audition for a part from the RTL boss whom he had once spontaneously approached. Although he was unsuccessful, he was given three months’ acting training and a role on “Bravo TV”. “I was so nervous that I had to be post-synched.” According to Link, it was only in 2006 that he started to feel happier in his own skin. And, just as importantly, he started to be offered some roles. He is still at a loss to explain why. But the offers began to come in: between 2006 and 2008, he played Karl-Hans von Attendorn in the ZDF telenovela “Rote Rosen”, going on to appear in the series “Anna und die Liebe” until 2011. Supporting roles in “Inga Lindström”, “Danni Lowinski”, “Im Alleingang – Die Stunde der Krähen” and “Das Traumhotel” made the handsome young man a familiar face on German television. This less substantial fare was followed in 2012 by the offer of the leading role in “In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte”. A medical series is the dream of many an actor. It’s quite clear that he’s “arrived”. The Berlin resident still tends to describe himself as restless, however, saying that he feels at home “everywhere and nowhere”. Are there any plans for marriage or a family? “I haven’t been tempted by either to date,” he confesses. “But I have an open mind. Never say never!” He’s good with kids, having helped to bring up his younger brother, as his mother had to go out to work in order to feed the family. And that also helps him to identify with Dr. Niklas Ahrend, who has a son. One thing is abundantly clear: Roy Peter Link has absolutely no intention of being pigeonholed. “My mother thought I was off my rocker when I decamped to Cologne. She refused to support me – in the hope that I would return. But I never went back.” And it’s lucky for German TV that the industrious Mr. Link has always done what he wanted. We’re bound to see plenty more of him on our screens in the years to come. • Photo: ARD/Tom Schulze

airberlin magazin 7 / 2015 Berlin extra 35 Farbenfrohe Feier Bunt und ausgelassen geht es am 25. Juli im Reiterstadion am Olympiapark zu. Das Farbbeutelwerfen beim Holi Festival of Colours feiert den Sieg des Guten über das Böse. Für die richtige Partystimmung sorgen Live-Acts und DJs. Weitere Infos unter Colourful festival On 25 July, the riding stadium at the Olympic Park is the venue for the Holi Festival of Colours – an exuberant event enjoyed by thousands, at which live acts and DJs make for a proper party atmosphere. For details, please visit Mother India Die Welt des indischen Subkontinents erleben die Besucher der Wassermusik 2015 am Spiegelteich beim Haus der Kulturen. Vom 17. Juli bis 9. August bieten verschiedene Künstler, Workshops und Filme die Möglichkeit, „Mother India“ besser kennenzulernen. Weitere Infos unter Mother India Visitors to Wassermusik 2015 can immerse themselves in the world of the Indian subcontinent at the Mirror Pond in front of the Haus der Kulturen, where various artists, workshops and films offer the opportunity to get to know “Mother India” better from 17 July to 9 August. For details, please visit Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. Photos: Holi Festival of Colours, Promo, BB Promotion Höhenflüge der Fantasie Vom Broadway nach Berlin: Unterschiedlichste Materialien gestalten sich wie durch Zauberhand zu immer neuen Figuren und Formen und geben dabei Einblicke in die menschliche Seele. Vom 21. bis 26. Juli gastiert das Maskentheater „Mummenschanz“ in der Komischen Oper in Berlin. Weitere Infos unter Flights of fantasy From Broadway to Berlin: various materials are used to create ever new forms and figures, providing an insight into the human soul, as the “musicians of silence” Mummenschanz put in a guest appearance at the Komische Oper Berlin from 21 to 26 July. For details, please visit

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