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Juni 2015 - airberlin magazin - Ganz Venedig ist Biennale

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44 Balearen Balearic

44 Balearen Balearic Islands airberlin magazin 6 / 2015 In den steilen, verwinkelten Gassen der Altstadt Eivissas lädt das „Can den Parra“ zum gepflegten Mahl. Ein Gedicht ist der Seeteufelspieß mit Gambas. The Can den Parra restaurant offers fine dining amid the steep, crooked alleyways of Ibiza Town: dishes include a delightful monkfish skewer with gambas. Happy hours on Ibiza Whether you prefer your holidays torrid or temperate, Mallorca’s little sister is always trendy. We reveal the most popular spots on the island – from the topnotch restaurant in old Ibiza Town via the chic beach club all the way to the disco that can accommodate 3,500 revellers. This,” says Rafael de Siria,“is where it all began.” He leans against the tiled bar and sips his gin and tonic. There’s a small shingle roof, a white wall and a black wooden door, behind which the bass beats boom. “We’ve built on a bit since then,” laughs de Siria. “But this house is where it all began in 1973.” Although the hippie community discovered Ibiza as early as the 1960s, it was the arrival of the clubs on the scene that made Balearic island what it is today: a legendary summer party destination. Even four decades later, Pacha is still regarded as the epitome of Ibiza’s party culture. Its founder Ricardo Urgell created a global brand from the former finca dance hall, and many entrepreneurs followed his example in the 1980s and 1990s, including Space at Playa d’en Bossa and the vast Amnesia and Privilege near Sant Rafel. But you don’t always have to be loud to be hip – the decibel level is no longer the only thing setting the tone on Ibiza. Cool cafés and beach clubs have also been booming on the island for some time. The Café del Mar in Sant Antoni de Portmany has been exerting its own brand of joie de vivre on visitors for over three decades. Hundreds of locals and tourists congregate here every evening to witness what is said to be the most beautiful sunset Ibiza has to offer. Another great place to chill out is at the exclusive Blue Marlin beach club at Cala es Jondal, a delighful bay featuring a crescent-shaped pebbled beach situated less than 20 minutes by car from Ibiza Town. But the most popular spot to hang out at is currently the Ushuaia at Playa d’en Bossa, an exclusive beach club that opened in 2011. Lounge music is piped through bierkoenig.indd 1 11.05.15 14:06

airberlin magazin 6 / 2015 „Viele hier sind Künstler. Alles ist handgemacht“, erzählt Carmen Muro. Mit ihrem Mann Cheward stellt sie Blumenschmuck her und verkauft ihn auf dem Hippiemarkt bei Es Canar. Er findet seit 1973 statt und ist der größte der Insel. “Many people here are artists. Everything is hand-made,” says Carmen Muro. She and her husband Cheward make floral decorations, which they sell at the hippie market near Es Canar. It’s been going since 1973 and is the biggest of its kind on Ibiza. the loudspeakers even before lunch, while champagne is brought directly to the snow-white sunbeds. The Ushuaia Tower Hotel which is part of the same complex has been decorated with giant flowers in a throwback to the hippie age. The club itself now boasts its own “walk of fame”: stars set in the pavement bear famous names of the likes of British musician Fatboy Slim and the house DJ David Guetta. If booming basses are not your thing, you’re still bound to find plenty to appeal to you on the island. The Es Caliu eatery just outside Ibiza Town is the antithesis to the beach clubs and discos. The scent of jasmine pervades the air outside the ancient windmill, while the aroma of charcoal predominates indoors – for this establishment is famous for its grilled meat. The Can den Parra restaurant below the cathedral in old Ibiza Town has steep cobbled steps leading down to street level. High above the hustle and bustle, proprietor Catalina Ramón Ferrer serves highquality wines and first-class Mediterranean dishes, The El Carmen restaurant at Cala d’Hort may be the best place to eat during the day. Although the cuisine here is not as exceptional as Ferrer’s, diners are also treated to stunning views out over the bay. Cala d’Hort also boasts one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, and one of the least packed too – if such a thing exists on Ibiza in summer. And if you fancy sampling the night life at the end of your meal, you can always pop into one of the vast discos such as Space, Amnesia or Privilege – or head for Pacha in the vicinity of Ibiza’s promenade, where the party comes to a climax at around one o’ clock in the morning. Guests can pay up to €80 a time for the big summer events, and the club holds 3,500 revellers. In July and August, however, it would ideally be able to fit in many more. “If it’s too crowded, many have to stay outside,” says Rafael de Siria. But for those who have been able to gain admission, the party simply can’t last long enough. •

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