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Mai 2015 - airberlin magazin Cosma Shiva Hagen

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Erfahren Sie im aktuellen airberlin magazin unter anderem, wo Sie in Spanien auf Weltkultur treffen, welche Geheimtipps Mallorca für Verliebte bietet und alles über das faszinierende Reiseziel Sydney.

24 Sylt

24 Sylt airberlin magazin 5 / 2015 Lernte Sylt als Inselmaler kennen und ist geblieben: Maler und Kunstgrafiker Thomas Landt. Arrived on Sylt to paint, and stayed: painter and graphic artist Thomas Landt. Svetlana Vorreiters Galerie: Svetlana Vorreiter’s gallery: Painting by the sea Keitumer Chaussee 13, 25980 Westerland, Mo.–Fr. 15–18 Uhr, Sa. 11–14 Uhr, Tel. 0173 2 42 20 76, Sonni Hönscheid: Ausstellung im Kaamp-Hüs, Hauptstr. 12, 25999 Kampen: 15. August – 6. Oktober. Dauerausstellung: HOF Galerie Sylt, Andreas-Nielsen-Straße 1, 25980 Westerland, Thomas Landts Atelier: Brönshooger Weg 3d, 25999 Kampen, Tel. 0170 4 94 00 49. Dreistündiger Spaziergang auf dem Kampener Kunstpfad mit Thomas Landt: Keitumer Chaussee 13, 25980 Westerland, Mon-Fri 3–6 pm, Sat 11 am–2 pm, tel. 0173 2 42 20 76, Sonni Hönscheid: Exhibition in the Kaamp-Hüs on Hauptstr. 12, 25999 Kampen: 15 August – 6 October. Permanent exhibition: HOF Galerie Sylt, Andreas-Nielsen-Strasse 1, 25980 Westerland, Thomas Landt’s studio: Brönshooger Weg 3d, 25999 Kampen, tel. 0170 4 94 0049. A three-hour walk along Kampen’s art trail with Thomas Landt: Thanks to its endless beaches, the island of Sylt is a perennially popular among German holidaymakers. But Sylt doesn’t just attract the bathing fraternity: the North Sea island is home to a host of artists seeking inspiration from the beauty of the landscape. child on the beach, sunbeams dancing on the crests of waves, an enchanting backdrop of sand dunes. With their clever interplay of light, colour and atmosphere, Svetlana Vorreiter’s paintings are reminiscent of the works of Monet, featuring both a hint of nostalgia and a great love of Sylt’s special beauty. The 49-year-old also makes collages out of sand and seashells and paints conventional portraits. The Russian never dreamt that one day she would leave the cosmopolitan city of St. Petersburg for a quiet life on Sylt. In fact, she’d never even heard of the place when she gave up her job as the editor of an art magazine in 1996 to accept an invitation to be a guest artist on the island. But it was love at first sight. Vorreiter followed her heart and decided to stay, starting a family and initially painting in her own studio in the idyllic municipality of Keitum. She Photos: Sonni Hönscheid, Janni Hönscheid, Svetlana Vorreiter, privat, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn/Thomas Landt

airberlin magazin 5 / 2015 1 0 0 9 5 now owns a gallery in Westerland. Her favourite time to paint is in the off-season: “A calm descends over the island, there is less glare and the many facets of nature are on display.” But she loves the sea above all else. “It must be in my genes – my uncle was a marine painter on the Black Sea.” Water is also the most important element in the life of artist and professional surfer Sonni Hönscheid. The Sylt-born twelve-times German surfing champion and world champion in stand-up paddleboarding is accustomed to jetting off to competitions around the globe. But her beloved North Sea island will always be her home. “There’s no place on earth like Sylt. And I’m not just saying that because my roots are here,” says the 33-year-old. “Wherever I am, I see landscapes that remind me of Sylt.” Although her travels are a source of inspiration, her paintings always contain themes from home. “I love the beautiful Kampen lighthouse, the amazing colours of the heather in blossom, and the sea when it’s whipped up by a storm. I like to capture things like that in my paintings – it’s like writing a diary or taking photographs.” She describes her art as “pop art – wild, vivid, and with lots of lines and flowing movements.” The paintings suggest dreams of the wind and the waves and incorporate all the impressions gathered by Hönscheid in her daily life. Her first exhibition was held in 2013 – on Sylt, of course. Her pictures and painted surfboards can be seen in a permanent exhibition in Westerland; and in the late summer and autumn, Sonni Hönscheid’s works will feature in a new exhibition in Kampen. While we’re on the subject of Kampen, it’s worth mentioning that the celebrity hotspot with its expensive boutiques and pretty thatched cottages is also known as an artists’ village. In 2010, painter and graphic artist Thomas Landt moved to the municipality boasting just 485 inhabitants after receiving a grant to work and exhibit his pictures on the island – and meeting his wife there. “I love the bracing climate here – and I don’t just mean that in the traditional sense. The never-ending horizon, the nature, and also the people are incredibly stimulating.” Landt’s work focuses mainly on linocut and gravure printing, in addition to watercolour painting. He has recently started firing his own ceramic tiles too. He also offers guided walks along Kampen’s art trail (for details, please see or • 7 5 2 5 5 0 airberlin fliegt mehrmals täglich von vielen deutschen Flughäfen nach Sylt. Alle Details unter airberlin flies to Sylt several times a day from many German airports. For details, please visit Sylt D Ä N E M A R K 1 0 0 9 5 7 5 2 5 Hamburg 5 D E U T S C H L A N D 0

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