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Mai 2015 - airberlin magazin Cosma Shiva Hagen

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Erfahren Sie im aktuellen airberlin magazin unter anderem, wo Sie in Spanien auf Weltkultur treffen, welche Geheimtipps Mallorca für Verliebte bietet und alles über das faszinierende Reiseziel Sydney.

32 Portrait

32 Portrait airberlin magazin 5 / 2015 The magic of art Cosma Shiva Hagen is in love – with acting. She calls the shots when it comes to performing, dancing and poetry, moving naturally between the different art forms. he image has a certain charm: an elderly gentleman in a white towelling robe and with flip-flops on his bare feet standing right beside the actress, resplendent in her high heels, with her dark locks falling below her shoulders and a pair of sunglasses perched on her head. Her red mouth contrasts starkly with the white of the man’s bathrobe. The action takes place in the lift of a Hamburg hotel. The elderly man is evidently looking for the spa area of the hotel, while the lady is heading for the exit with a reporter following an interview. “Hagen?” The question comes suddenly, accompanied by an expectant look. The lady smiles. “Yes,” Cosma Shiva Hagen replies softly, with no hint of the temperament she has displayed during the interview. The elderly gentleman is quite satisfied. His hunch was correct, and he beams like a schoolboy. Then he adds: “7 Zwerge is a great film!” And suddenly he’s gone. Wait a monent: “7 Zwerge – Männer allein im Wald”, the fairytale comedy by Otto Waalkes and also starring Hape Kerkeling, Atze Schröder, Cosma’s mother – punk icon Nina Hagen – as the evil queen and Cosma Shiva Hagen herself as Snow White, is over ten years old now. Ah well, old love never dies, as the saying goes. The encounter in the lift demonstrates that Cosma Shiva Hagen is well known among all age groups, even if her somewhat exotic first names are not. She herself prefers the name Cosma to Shiva, and has been known to be rather put out if she happens to come across another Cosma. Cinema-going and TV audiences seem to like the original Cosma too. Films such as “Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Großstädter zur Paarungszeit”, “Bella Block – Schuld und Sühne” (for which she won a German Television Award in 2001 as best supporting actress) and, more recently, “Männerhort”, in which she starred alongside Elyas M’Barek and Detlev Buck, have shown that Cosma Shiva Hagen has acting talent aplenty. In 2002, her name featured on four cast lists. “Der 8. Kontinent”, a very Cosma Shiva Hagen hat Hamburg als Hort für ihr künstlerisches Schaffen für sich entdeckt. Termine: Kinostart: „Der 8. Kontinent“, am 30. April 2015 in Kassel 65. Bad Hersfelder Festspiele mit Cosma Shiva Hagen in „Komödie der Irrungen“, inszeniert von Dieter Wedel: 6. Juni bis 2. August 2015 watchable low-budget production directed by Serdar Dogan, is her latest offering. Cosma Shiva Hagen plays the mother of a young woman who sets out to travel the world and to find herself in the process. Cosma Shiva Hagen has already done plenty of travelling and finding herself in her life. Born in Santa Monica, she spent her childhood Cosma Shiva Hagen has discovered Hamburg as a place where Amsterdam and Ibiza. Eventually and youth in Paris, London, she can express her she ended up in Hamburg to be artistic talents. close to her grandmother, the singer and songwriter Eva Maria Hagen, originally from the GDR. Hamburg became a magic place for Cosma – is was where she and her fans discovered her talent for art, partly inherited, partly acquired through her own experiences. The art of subculture! Cosma Shiva Hagen and other “heroines” have just opened the gallery “kulturgold sichtbar e. V.” in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel. As well as providing exhibition space, the venue acts as a meeting place, stage, dance floor and hotspot for painters, choreographers, musicians, poetry slammers and performance artists – in short, for all kinds of small-scale artists. Her mother Nina was also scheduled to perform there, but had to call off at short notice. She may well have objected to the “small-scale artist” tag. Of course, there’s nothing “small scale” about the people in question: “Our kind of art creates something great, something quite magical,” insists a spirited Cosma Shiva Hagen, aka Cosmic Sista. “Events with a vast budget don’t always achieve that, despite the amount of money they have to spend!” Magic was also in the air at the recent 80th birthday celebrations of Eva Maria Hagen. Cosma and the intercultural artists’ collective Güpsy Tetris serenaded the great lady with an appropriate song: “Ich leb’ mein Leben” was written by Wolf Biermann for his then-girlfriend Eva Maria Hagen. “The room fell very silent when the song was performed,” says her granddaughter. “Suddenly we were all aware of a sensation – an awareness of life – that we all shared. My grandmother had tears of joy in her eyes.” Being able to bring people together with your artistic Dates: Film première: “Der 8. Kontinent” on 30 April 2015 in Kassel 65th Bad Hersfeld Festival featuring Cosma Shiva Hagen in “The Comedy of Errors”, directed by Dieter Wedel: 6 June to 2 August 2015 talents is a joyful thing indeed. Acting, singing, slamming – Cosma Shiva Hagen is open to everything, as demonstrated by her latest project, “Ofen für alles” in Ottensen, a store with attached flat in which Cosma occasionally spends the night. Its main purpose, however, is to sell unusual products such as holography jewellery and retro furniture, and to convey a lifestyle that is open to everything. •

Berlin extra airberlin magazin 5 / 2015 33 Auf zwei Rädern durch Berlin Radsport für jedermann bietet das „Garmin Velothon Berlin“ als zweitgrößtes Radrennen seiner Art in Europa am 31. Mai. Auf 60 bis 120 Kilometern können Hobbysportler genauso wie ambitionierte Radsportler die attraktive Streckenführung durch die pulsierende Metropole Berlin und ihr grünes Umland in vollen Zügen genießen. Mehr Infos: Photos: HOCH ZWEI, Belvedere/Wien, bpk/Staatliche Museen zu Berlin/Nationalgalerie/Jörg P. Anders (2), Medienzentrum Wuppertal/Antje Zeis-Loi, Pechstein Hamburg/Tökendorf/bpk/Roman März, Stephan Flad Unique masterpieces From 22 May, Berlin’s Alte Nationalgalerie presents major artworks in the exhibition “Impressionism – Expressionism. Turning Point in Art”, which sees masterpieces from the two movements being explicitly compared for the very first time. For details, please visit Special event in a summer of festivals The Berlin Festival will see the Arena Park on the River Spree transformed into a microcosm of the city’s club and cultural scene from 29 to 31 May, with numerous shows from up-and-coming bands as well as performances from top international acts. For details, please visit Ein Special im Festivalsommer Vom 29. bis 31. Mai verwandelt das „Berlin Festival“ den Arena Park an der Spree mit zahlreichen Shows aufstrebender Bands, gepaart mit Auftritten internationaler Top Acts, in einen Mikrokosmos der Berliner Club- und Kulturszene. Mehr Infos: On two wheels through Berlin The Garmin Velothon Berlin – the second largest cycle race of its kind in Europe – offers cycling for everyone on 31 May. Hobby riders and ambitious cyclists alike will enjoy the attractive courses of 60 km and 120 km through the vibrant city of Berlin and its green surroundings. For details, please visit Einzigartige Meisterwerke Ab 22. Mai präsentiert die Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin in der Ausstellung „Impressionismus – Expressionismus. Kunstwende“ weltweite Publikumsmagneten. Zum ersten Mal widmet sich eine Ausstellung explizit dem Vergleich impressionistischer und expressionistischer Meisterwerke. Mehr Infos:

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