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März 2015 - airberlin magazin - Abu Dhabi entdecken

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14 Abu

14 Abu Dhabi airberlin magazin 3 / 2015 P e r s i s c h e r G o l f K A T A R 18:00 Ob auf einen Drink oder zum Sport – die Promenade Abu Dhabis ist Treffpunkt für verschiedenste Aktivitäten. an evening entertainment programme. The highlight, however, is the drive over the dunes at break-neck speeds and even more break-neck angles of inclination. Just after nine o’clock the next morning my arms are still aching from the previous day’s sailing as I climb into another boat. This is a smaller affair, however: a twoperson kayak. I steer it forwards energetically with my paddle, trying not to collide with the other kayaks in our group. We’re touring the mangroves of Abu Dhabi, our ears pricked to catch both the explanations of our guide and the sounds of nature which are so seldom heard in the city proper. The longer we paddle, the narrower the canals become and the lower the overhanging branches droop, the further away the towering city centre skyscrapers appear – although they are still close enough. For almost two hours we are immersed in another world entirely. On our return to dry land, we feel both physically tired and incredibly alert: certainly alert enough to embark on the last part of our 48-hour adventure. It’s early afternoon – a good time to wander through the Eastern Mangroves Hotel to the Wine Down @ BOA. BOA refers to the BOA Steakhouse, one of the city’s top meat eateries, and a great place to enjoy a glass of wine too. The wine tasting sessions organised by James Simmons are particularly popular: “People are coming and going all the time – and socialising is an important way of making the new arrivals feel at home,” says James, adding: “And what can make you happier than a glass of good wine and a plate of good food?” The taste of the robust Malbec grape from Argentina lingers on our palates along with a hint of crisp South Abu Dhabi V E A R R E I N A B E M I I I S R G T E C A H T E E Abu Dhabi’s promenade is a great place to meet for a drink or a training session – everyone congregates here. airberlin und Etihad Airways verbinden über Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart und Wien viele deutsche und europäische Städte mit der Hauptstadt der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate. Mehr Infos unter 19:30 In Ray’s Skyline-Bar, hoch oben in den Etihad Towers, lassen wir die 48 Stunden in Abu Dhabi Revue passieren. African Chardonnay as we eventually get down to packing away the spoils of our weekend shopping spree. We’ve made far more purchases than we intended. But the lures of Yas Island’s new shopping mall are simply too tempting to resist. Everything you could wish for – and plenty more besides – is on sale here over 200,000 square metres of floorspace. Despite its size, the mall is so crowded this Saturday that our only option is to stop briefly outside some of the shop windows before yielding to temptation and going in, subsequently emerging with yet another bag. After amassing a goodly collection of new purchases, it’s time to head back to the city by car, our wallets rather emptier than before, but our hands much fuller. Our final evening is a relaxing one. We recover from our shopping marathon with a falafel in a small snack bar and a walk along the Corniche. All sorts of people congregate on this famous Abu Dhabi promenade to do everything from drinking coffee to endurance training. Our walk takes us as far as Ray’s Bar at the top of Etihad Towers, just a stone’s throw from the Corniche and the Emirates Palace. The marble lift is impressive enough in itself, but the view from the top is even more breathtaking. As we gaze at the city below, we reflect on our action-packed 48 hours. Eventually my mind returns to our beach interlude of Friday morning, with its calm, relaxing atmosphere and Louis Armstrong crooning in the background. He’s got it spot-on: what a wonderful world. • airberlin and Etihad Airways fly to the capital of the United Arab Emirates from many German and European cities via Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Vienna. For details, visit We reflect on our actionpacked 48 hours in Ray’s Bar at the top of Etihad Towers. Weitere Photos: Getty Images/Dan Kitwood, mauritius images/Alamy/imageBROKER/Jochen Tack

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