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20 EXPO 2015 airberlin magazin 3 / 2015 Place of ideas A big fish has been brought ashore: Milan’s EXPO 2015 site – also known as the “big fish” – close to the city’s trade fair grounds is getting ready for its six-month stint as the world fair venue. Expo Milano 2015 will see representatives of 145 countries converge on the city from 1 May until 31 October to showcase their take on the central theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. What solutions can they offer mankind in the fields of nutrition, energy and sustainability, among others? Bereits im Vorfeld der EXPO künden Maispflanzen am EXPO-Tor vom thematischen Ansatz der großen Schau: nachhaltige Ernährung und Energie. Ahead of the EXPO opening, corn plants at EXPO Gate indicate the theme of this vast exhibition: sustainable nutrition and energy. here are no defining monuments of the likes of the Eiffel Tower (Paris, 1889) or the Atomium (Brussels, 1958) at EXPO 2015. In the 21st century, the careful use of resources and energy efficiency far outweigh statements of national greatness. But that doesn’t mean that this year’s event isn’t just as splendid in its own way: the inner values of Milan’s world fair demonstrate greatness aplenty. Expo Milano 2015 is the second major international event (after the 2012 Olympic Games in London) to be awarded a certificate for sustainability pursuant to ISO standard 20121. Germany is one of the countries that has splashed out on its own EXPO pavilion. Messe Frankfurt has taken charge of the German offering in Milan on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics. Christened “Fields of Ideas”, the pavilion promises to provide plenty of suggestions as to how to feed a growing global population. Germany is focussing largely on its landscape, agriculture and lifestyle at EXPO 2015. The design of the country’s pavilion is inspired by its farmlands and flowering meadows: the building is light, expansive and features gentle gradients. Visitors approaching the pavilion from the Decumanus, as the main EXPO Infos zur EXPO 2015 Information on EXPO 2015 Anfahrt: airberlin fliegt den Flughafen Mailand-Linate an. Die Buslinie 73/ X73 verbindet Flughafen und Innenstadt. Zur Messe: Metro Linie 1 Tickets und Öffnungszeiten: Tagesticket (Normalpreis) 39 Euro geöffnet täglich von 10 bis 23 Uhr thoroughfare is known, ascend a broad ramp on the outside of the building that leads up to the most beautiful picnic and restaurant deck the world fair has to offer. Plant-like structures known as “saplings of ideas“ sprout from the inside of the pavilion to form a canopy over the entire area. Inside, visitors walk along paths between areas representing land, water, climate, biodiversity and food. It quickly becomes clear that the Germans’ expertise in the fields of engineering and research matches their love of the land. Questions about the food supply, water protection, soil erosion and genetic diversity are addressed by means of illustrative projects in the fields of science and technology. Six “ambassadors” are showcasing their work as examples of the concrete feasibility of ideas: Benjamin Adrion from “Viva con Agua”, organic farmer Josef Braun, Felix Finkbeiner from “Plant for the Planet”, apple grower Eckart Brandt, city beekeeper Erika Mayr and Michael Schieferstein from “FoodFighters”. Not every country wants or can afford to have a self-built presence at the world fair, however, which is why EXPO 2015 also offers space inside one of nine How to get there airberlin flies to Milan-Linate airport. Buses 73/ X73 transport passengers from the airport to the city centre. Metro Line 1 stops near the exhibition site. Tickets and opening hours Day ticket standard price €39 Open daily from 10 am until 11 pm Photos:, SCHMIDHUBER/Milla & Partner, mauritius images/Alamy, Getty Images/Pawel Toczynski

airberlin magazin 3 / 2015 “Thematic Clusters”. These go under the names of Islands, Sea and Food; Spices; Cereals and Tubers; Cocoa; Arid Zones; Rice; Fruits and Legumes; Coffee; and the Bio-Mediterraneum. The clusters provide information on mankind’s long and varied traditions of food cultivation and consumption, placing great emphasis on the powerful – and sometimes dangerous – interplay between environmental, cultural and dietary factors. It is over a century since Milan last staged an EXPO proper. Following an exhibition in 1894, which was not officially recognised by the “Bureau International des Expositions”, the northern Italian city hosted its first official world fair (at which the cable car for the transportation of passengers was presented) in 1906. Milan has since made a big name for itself as a trade fair city – especially in areas pertaining to the finer things in life, fashion and furniture among them. Fashion enthusiasts will most likely already know that the “Milano Moda Donna” fair is scheduled to take place in the city from 23 to 29 September. Even though the exhibition is intended for industry insiders, it’s hard to resist the lure of the fashion crowd of designers, photographers and models who flock to the city for the fair. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about booking a trip to Milan to take in not just one, but two very special exhibitions indeed. • So soll die Natur zum Stadtbewohner kommen: Auf den beiden Hochhaustürmen des „Bosco Verticale“ wachsen rund 20.000 Pflanzen und 800 Bäume. Nature for city dwellers: some 20,000 plants and 800 trees grow on the two towers of the “Bosco Verticale”. S C H W E I Z Mailand Ö S T E R R E I C H Verona Venedig airberlin und Alitalia verbinden viele deutsche und europäische Städte mit Mailand. Mehr Infos unter airberlin and Alitalia operate flights to Milan from many German and European cities. For details, visit I T A L I E N Florenz Rimini

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