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30 Deutschland Germany

30 Deutschland Germany airberlin magazin 3 / 2015 Along the river bank Außergewöhnlich: Blumenhallenschauen in der Johanniskirche in Brandenburg (links oben) und der Laurentius kirche in Havelberg (oben). Unusual: flower shows in the Church of St. Johannis in Brandenburg (above, left) and St. Laurentius Church in Havelberg (above). Idyllic nature and lots of history: the Havelland between Brandenburg and Havelberg is the perfect backdrop for a show that has a few surprises in store. n a clear day, you can see for miles across the meandering River Havel with its many oxbow lakes, dotted with towns rich in cultural heritage such as Rathenow, whose neo-Gothic Bismarck Tower gazes majestically over the lush green of the Weinberg. These picturesque waters, woods, fields and meadows form an integral part of Brandenburg’s biggest nature park. The view is possible thanks to the “BUGA Skyliner”, a 72-metre tower topped off with a fully glazed, air-conditioned cabin, said to be the most modern mobile observation tower in the world. It’s just one of the special features of a show which has been attracting attention even before its doors open. The show itself is also unusual. This year, instead of being hosted by one city, the “Bundesgartenschau” will be spread across five different locations: the ancient town of Brandenburg an der Havel, Premnitz, Rathenow, Stölln in the district of Rhinow, and the Hanseatic town of Havelberg, which together span almost 80 kilometres of the River Havel between Brandenburg and Saxony- Anhalt. The show is epitomised by a broad expanse of flowers which adorns the entire watercourse. No effort has been spared to make it accessible to visitors: €13.2 million has been spent on improving cycle tracks, both along the river itself and in the various towns, and the BUGAbike service will provide suitable cycles at each location. It’s a great opportunity to combine a trip through the region’s unspoilt scenery and diverse fauna with a visit to the garden show parks. But even visitors who wish to focus exclusively on the main show sites will have a memorable experience. Some of the attractions are quite unusual – flowers will be displayed in churches at a “BUGA” for the first time. The majestic settings of Havelberg’s St. Laurentius Church, a Gothic brick building dating from the 14th century, and the fully renovated monastic church of St. Johannis in Brandenburg provide the perfect backdrop for splendid floral arrangements. Other highlights are a 10-metre observation platform on the river bank at Premnitz offering a panoramic view across the Havel conservation area, the new 348-metre Weinberg Bridge over the Havel at Rathenow, and no fewer than 50 themed gardens including a water-lily arena and a “monks’ garden” with wine-tasting. Some €70 million has been invested in the 2015 show, much of it being put towards a million flowering plants plus countless herbaceous perennials, bushes and trees. The state of Brandenburg has provided a further €76 million for garden and infrastructural projects. All the areas are destined to be used for recreational purposes once the show is over. The 2015 Bundesgartenschau opens its doors on 18 April and closes on 11 October, with around 1.5 million visitors expected to attend. • Photos: BUGA 2015, NABU/Klemens Karkow, Bachmann/Bernd Settnik, Thomas Uhlemann

airberlin magazin 3 / 2015 Havel-Idyll am Rand der Altstadt der Hansestadt Havelberg. Links: Eröffnung der neuen Weinbergbrücke in Brandenburg im Herbst 2014. River idyll at the edge of the old Hanseatic town of Havelberg. Left: opening of the new Weinberg bridge in Brandenburg in autumn 2014. Alle Informationen zur Bundesgarten - schau 2015, zu ihren Parks und den rund 1.000 Veranstaltungen gibt es unter More information on the show, its parks and the 1,000 or so events taking place is available at Hansestadt Havelberg Amt Rhinow/Stölln Anfahrt Mit dem Auto: von der A2 aus Richtung Berlin, Abfahrt Brandenburg, weiter über die B102 Mit der Bahn: Die Havel region ist mit dem Regionalexpress ab Berlin Hbf. mindestens stündlich erreichbar. How to get there By car: Take the A2 from Berlin, turn off at the Brandenburg exit and continue via the B102. By train: Regional express trains depart from Berlin Hbf (main station) for the Havel region at least once an hour. Rathenow Premnitz Berlin Potsdam Brandenburg an der Havel

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